How to Play

Buy a Bombhead

The first step to getting involved in the game is owning a bombhead. This gives you some claim to the funds in the contract. The best way to buy a Bombhead is to mint it in the initial sale. Minting will become available May 1st via our Mint Page. For live updates leading up to the mint, join our Discord. After the collection sells out you can purchase a Bombhead on OpenSea like any other NFT. Just be sure to check that it has NOT self destructed yet if you want a chance at winning the pot.

Track your Bombheads

After the game starts you can view the statuses of all bombheads from the Live Game Page. Each bombhead will be clearly marked as Alive or Dead. Here you can stay up to date on the status of your Bombhead and make sure you are one of the lucky few. Bombheads will look a little something like this:

Smash the Big Red Button

After the game starts you will see a giant red button on the Live Game Page. Anyone can press the button to trigger the self destruct sequence which will cause 25% of the remaining bombheads to be randomly selected for Self Destruction. Pressing this button will either make your living bombhead appreciate significantly or become worthless. That button will look a little something like this.

Cash in Anytime before your Bombhead Self Destructs

Clicking on any bombhead from the live game page will take you to a detail page for that Bombhead. If you are the owner and bombhead is still alive, you can hit the Cash In button to sell your Bombhead back to the contract for the current Intrinsic Value of the NFT. You can cash in anytime before your bombhead self destructs, but never if your bombhead goes the way of the Dodo.